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Why is Owen Jones helping to subvert Corbyn? - TruePublica

Why is Owen Jones helping to subvert Corbyn? - TruePublica



By Jonathan Cook
– I have never been overly sold on Owen Jones. From his platform at the
Guardian, he has spent far too much time whining about Labour leader
Jeremy Corbyn and his failure to reach out to voters rather than using
his rare spot in the mainstream media to help him to do precisely that.

But this news has knocked me sideways. It was announced
yesterday that Jones is to give a memorial lecture in April on behalf
of the Jewish Labour Movement – the same group implicated in the recent
efforts of the Israeli embassy to damage a Corbyn-led Labour party with
confected allegations of anti-semitism. All of this was exposed last month in an undercover Al Jazeera investigation.

The Jewish Labour Movement was effectively shown to be acting as a
front for the Israeli government’s efforts to oust Corbyn over a
supposed anti-semitism crisis in the party. Israel hates Corbyn because
of his long-standing position in support of Palestinian rights.

The announcement of Jones’ lecture was written by Ella Rose, the
former Israeli embassy official who tried to conceal her past after she
became the director of the Jewish Labour Movement.