martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

Britain's Minority Report Style 'Pre-Crime' Programme Unexpectedly Unearthed - TruePublica

Britain's Minority Report Style 'Pre-Crime' Programme Unexpectedly Unearthed - TruePublica


By Graham Vanbergen – Peter Hitchens recently mentioned in his blog that technology will eventually enslave us all. He referred to the recent film “Ghost in the Shell’ thus:

I was intrigued to see that the future world in which this film
is set is – once again – in a place of gloom and decay, much like now
but worse. There are gangsters and sordid bars, people smoke, everyone’s
crammed into hamster-cage flats in inhuman megacities. Ever since Blade
Runner and Alien, and also in Minority Report, new technology is not
seen as a road to happiness, liberty or prosperity. I used to think this
was pessimistic. Now I think they’ve got it about right.”

Today we live in an age where there is a technology battle front
being waged against citizens of the West and the people are losing it on
every front – nowhere is that battle raging most in Western democracies
than in Britain.

Britain already has a reputation for deploying the most intrusive surveillance
systems against its own people in the Western world. Widely reported
just a few days ago, it appears the government has just awarded itself
the ability to monitor and surveil the live communications of
the British general public at will. In addition, it also forces encryption backdoors to
be made available to the authorities by privacy driven communications
services such as WhatsApp. This is an exploit that will see a
considerable degrading of security for everyone in Britain, which will
inevitably lead to hugely increased hacking by criminals.