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Britain's Surveillance State - #StopSharing Patient Information - TruePublica

Britain's Surveillance State - #StopSharing Patient Information - TruePublica


By TruePublica Editor: It makes
little difference whether you agree or disagree with the fundamental
idea that data should be private when it comes to tracking down
undocumented or illegal immigrants in Britain. The point is, where is
all this leading to. Liberty and Doctors of the World have a point here
when considering patient data as this is just one more cog in a huge new
surveillance state machine that now affects us all whether we like it
or not.

By Martha Spurrier -Director of Liberty: Liberty,
the civil liberties and human rights organisation has joined Doctors of
the World and the National AIDS Trust in calling for the Government to
#StopSharing patients’ data with the Home Office.

It was recently revealed that the
Home Office has forced the NHS to grant it easier access to patient
information. This means immigration officials can use patients’ personal
details to track down, arrest and deport undocumented migrants.

This is a serious breach of patient confidentiality – and one that NHS staff weren’t even consulted on.