martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

Colossal Pedophile Ring Busted, 900 Arrests, 300 Kids Saved — Corporate Media Ignores It

Colossal Pedophile Ring Busted, 900 Arrests, 300 Kids Saved — Corporate Media Ignores It


Washington, D.C. – After a nearly two-year investigation, 870
suspected pedophiles have been arrested across the world, and least 259
sexually abused children have been identified in the wake of major
underground online global pedophilia network being taken down, according
to the FBI and European authorities.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Europol announced the
arrests on Friday, only days after a court sentenced Florida-based
Steven Chase, founder of the so-called Playpen pedophilia network, to 30
years in prison.

The arrest of Chase in December 2014 was the impetus for a global
probe into the users of the members-only forum, which culminated in the
nearly 900 arrests.

Unsurprisingly, this massive pedophile bust has failed to crack the
pervasive US media censorship regime, as not a single mainstream
corporate media source in the United States has reported on this story.
Perhaps, within those 900 sickos, there are some folks who have enough
power not to let their names out.

According to a report by German media conglomerate, Deutsche Welle:

Playpen was accessible in what is known as the “darknet,”
where internet users can engage in illegal activities using encryption
and anonymity software in an effort to hide their identities. The secret
network allowed anonymous users to engage in a forum where they could
share photos and videos showing the sexual abuse of children.

As part of its investigation, called “Operation Pacifier,” the FBI
managed to use to malware to seize the Playpen website and server, which
allowed authorities to track and identify Playpen users.