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29. Jahre Giftgasangriff auf Halabdscha | Ein Blog von Kerem Schamberger

29. Jahre Giftgasangriff auf Halabdscha | Ein Blog von Kerem Schamberger

 29th year poison gas attack on Halabdscha

 Or: "in case of doubt in favor of the principle of freedom" of the German economy

 Editor's opinion: Kerem Schamberger

"In the case of Halabdha, the company Karl Kolb GmbH from the Hessian Dreieich was supplying the necessary substances for the production of the Giftwaffen to the Saddam dictatorship Dieter Backfisch, then managing director, said to the accusations only "I can still sleep peacefully." And in fact he had no reason to be concerned, and no conviction came as the courts could not establish correctly what the delivered All of which have been used, since these were so-called dual-use goods, ie things which can be used for several purposes and are regulated by the Foreign Economic Law The authors of the accompanying commentary on the law write that the regulations " Doubt in favor of the principle of freedom, "ie in the sense of the export-oriented economy. And so the supplying companies from Germany could simply claim that we were dealing with weed killers and no poison gas. "But 70% of all poison gas plants in Iraq came from German companies. It was later announced that many of BND's employees were working in the companies ", writes medico international. The fact that no single conviction came, is not quite true: medico international was sentenced to a fine. They had smuggled a medical antidote against poison gas to Kurdistan and thereby violated the foreign trade regulations of the Federal Republic. "