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5 Things you should definitely know from the latest Wikileaks Release!

1. The increasing sophistication of surveillance techniques has drawn
comparisons with George Orwell's 1984, but "Weeping Angel", developed by
the CIA's Embedded Devices Branch (EDB), which infests smart TVs,
transforming them into covert microphones, is surely its most emblematic

The attack against Samsung smart TVs was developed in cooperation with the United Kingdom's MI5/BTSS. After infestation,
Weeping Angel places the target TV in a 'Fake-Off' mode, so that the
owner falsely believes the TV is off when it is on. In 'Fake-Off' mode
the TV operates as a bug, recording conversations in the room and
sending them over the Internet to a covert CIA server.

2. As of October 2014 the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle
control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such
control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in
nearly undetectable assassinations.

3. The CIA's Mobile Devices
Branch (MDB) developed numerous attacks to remotely hack and control
popular smart phones. Infected phones can be instructed to send the CIA
the user's geolocation, audio and text communications as well as
covertly activate the phone's camera and microphone.

techniques permit the CIA to bypass the encryption of WhatsApp, Signal,
Telegram, Wiebo, Confide and Cloackman by hacking the "smart" phones
that they run on and collecting audio and message traffic before
encryption is applied.

4. The CIA also runs a very substantial
effort to infect and control Microsoft Windows users with its malware.
This includes multiple local and remote weaponized "zero days", air gap
jumping viruses such as "Hammer Drill" which infects software
distributed on CD/DVDs, infectors for removable media such as USBs,
systems to hide data in images or in covert disk areas ( "Brutal
Kangaroo") and to keep its malware infestations going.

5. U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt is a covert CIA hacker base

CIA hackers operating out of the Frankfurt consulate ( "Center for
Cyber Intelligence Europe" or CCIE) are given diplomatic ("black")
passports and State Department cover. The instructions for incoming CIA
hackers make Germany's counter-intelligence efforts appear
inconsequential: "Breeze through German Customs because you have your
cover-for-action story down pat, and all they did was stamp your

NOTE: The information above are excerpts from the following link: https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/