lunes, 26 de junio de 2017 | Pro-Life? You Can’t be Pro-Vaccine | Pro-Life? You Can’t be Pro-Vaccine


Fetal cells from aborted babies have been used in vaccine manufacture
for decades. There is a lot of misinformation, including Paul Offit’s
assertion that there were only two
abortions and they were not performed for the purpose of creating
vaccines. I have been working to set the record straight, because I
believe we all have the right to make informed decisions when it comes
to what is injected into our bodies and into the bodies of our children.
I also believe it is important to hold our legislators accountable, if
they are running on pro-life platforms, passing pro-life legislation,
and also attempting to remove vaccine exemptions and promote mandates
for vaccines made from aborted babies.

The first version of this presentation was developed and given at the
October 2016 Rally for Truth, Transparency, and Freedom in Atlanta,
Georgia. Since then, I have expanded the presentation to include more
comprehensive information about the source of fetal tissue, the ongoing
abortions, and the FDA’s long-standing knowledge of and concerns about
residual fetal DNA and its relation to cancer. The most recent updates
include information about China’s role in vaccine manufacture, and the
lack of FDA oversight of the manufacturing facilities where a large
number of vaccines are now being made for use worldwide.

post contains the PDF of my PowerPoint presentation (you can download,
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