martes, 27 de febrero de 2018

CATALONIA --- The King is scared, and rightly so -- "What happened on Sunday is an unusual event that shows the regime crisis that affects Spain." --

El Rei està espantat, i amb raó


 "What happened on Sunday is an unusual event that shows the regime crisis that affects Spain."


 Joan Carles I never had a protest like Sunday in Barcelona against Felipe VI .
At the end of his term, more burlesque comments emerged than critics
about his lovers, about the hobby to hunt elephants, and on his
commissioned spirit to sell great infrastructures to his Arab
counterparts, but street protests proclaiming the rejection of the
Spanish monarch And a plantation of democratic representatives is not an anecdotal fact, it marks a historical inflection.

Unlike the presidents of the republic, the monarchs need to be erected in a consensus figure . When they are gone, they have their days counted. Or years.
She does so much because, from that moment on, the countdown becomes
ubiquitous and stomach-stomach faces as they are told by the

It is not new that the Bourbons seek protection in the most reactionary
sectors of the country and end up marching on their legs.
The 23-F was an exception. Joan Carles I
had a few hours of doubt, as Adolfo Suárez later explained to a group
of Catalan journalists and explained Pilar Urbano, but he had good
advice and enough nose to guess what the winning bet was at that time.
That's why he lasted longer than his ancestors.
Anyway, after the coup d'état he brought together the parties saying
dynasties, read them the record and then came the LOAPA and " the next ".

So, what happened on Sunday is an unusual event that highlights the regime crisis that affects Spain. Not only for protests against the head of state.
Also for the reactionary reaction of the establishment in defense of
His Majesty that evokes unusual fears, such as when a badly wounded
beast who fears his death fights for survival with more ferocity than

The episodes of these days of reverence for power and acts of vassalage
are not typical of a democratically normalized political situation.
Let's see it by taking advantage of the events of the weekend. The Spanish government in a statement affirms: "The
plundering announced by certain institutional representatives, besides
unjust and petty people, put at risk that Barcelona could continue to
host a global event of such importance in the future
. "

Obviously this is a threat, because the Spanish government is not the
organizer of the event, but everyone understands that it has enough
power to sabotage this private initiative.
Before the newspapers El País and El Mundo represented more or less those " two Spains
" that Machado said and before both newspapers the governmental slogan
would have swallowed in such an uncritical way, but the times are
changing, and not exactly to the best.
Mondays are entitled " The boycott of the King threatens the future of the Mobile in Barcelona " and " The secessionist movement to the King threatens the Mobile in Barcelona ."
There is no difference and, in fact, all the newspapers that are
distributed throughout Spain emphasized the same idea dictated by the

Now in Spain there is a King questioned; a corrupt government for corruption and a claudicating opposition. The rich are richer and the poorer, the poorer. And the main means compete we were what was more weird. There is, then, no counterpoders proper to any democracy.
And that's why there are also exiled political and political prisoners,
critically-challenged journalists, reprisal artists and comedians,
censored paintings and retired people in the street facing the police.
All of this inexorably will end up exploding, so the King, rightly so, is so scared.