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Brennessel-Krieg, geheimnisvolle Pflanzen - Die Brennnessel ( 42:04 min )

Brennessel-Krieg, geheimnisvolle Pflanzen - Die Brennnessel ( 42:04 min )


Nettle-war, mysterious plants - Nettle (42:04 minutes)

Mysterious plants - Nettle from Holger lamp on Vimeo .

The Phama lobby is against natural fertilizer and medicinal plants.
Nettle War in France - Codex Alimentarius

The nettle has seven times more vitamin C than an orange.
The nettle has been in the dry matter Protein 40 percent, more than soy.

Under penalty of, lo and behold € 75,000, in France there is a ban on use and a prohibition on disclosure of information of the nettle.

Loi n ° 2006-11 du 5 janvier 2006 d'orientation agricole
NOR: AGRX0500091L
Version consolidée idée au 14 juillet 2010

"" That is a fertilizer and pour the vegetable garden with natural substances is prohibited, however, the application of pesticides is allowed. ""

"" Since September 2002, the sale of nettle liquid manure in France is prohibited. And since the first in July 2006, a law, not state-approved plant extracts that promote the growth or the plant protection are useful (such as used for centuries nettle liquid manure) to sell, own and operate. Even advertising and recommendations for these products are now prohibited. ""

"August 31, 2006 was Eric Petiot, co-author of the book" purine d? Ortie et Compagnie ", visit an agent of DNECCRF (National Control Authority for tax evasion and other offenses) and the SRPV (regional office for crop protection). They confiscated textbooks and documents and told him the same time, continue to disseminate information about the properties of the compounds and the incriminated manufacturing process. these measures criminalize those who create the biological and biodynamic crops, as well as amateur gardeners who are careful with the earth and people with proven traditional recipes work that do not comply with the standards of agribusiness. ""

The film "nettle, the unloved plant"

Among the experts who have their say

Alain Baraton, chief gardener from the Château de Versailles (France)
Bernard Bertrand, farmer, publisher (France)
Claude and Lydia Bourguignon, engineer-agronomist (France)
Gilles Clément, gardener, garden designer (France)
François de Conti, wine (France)
François Couplan, ethnobotanist (France)
Francis Hallé, botanist (France)
Pr Monique Simmonds, biologist - Kew Gardens, London (UK)
Jacques Thierry, Chef (France)
Duration: 43 min
Author and Director: François-Xavier Vives
Production: ARTE France, Le Miroir, CNRS Images, Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, INRA (2010)