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Al-Nusra Front rebels take Idlib's last Syria regime bastion, in pictures - Telegraph

Al-Nusra Front rebels take Idlib's last Syria regime bastion, in pictures - Telegraph


photos coming out of Syria of children suffering from the chemical
weapons attack in Idlib province is absolutely horrifying. What's also
horrifying is how the media is using yet another tragedy that targeted
innocent lives to justify more military intervention under the guise of
humanitarianism. US officials are already commenting on the chemical
weapons attack and are calling for "safe zones" aka soft military
occupation, saying "Assad must go" , the "Russians are dropping chemical
weapons" .

According to the very government and media
(US-Western) that have been promoting regime change, Assad is behind the
attacks. The hyper focus of this tragedy is really suspicious and one
should be questioning the timing, who the media are sourcing and what
the true intentions are here. These are phrases meant to rile up a
public to support regime change. There's a genocide in Yemen at the
hands of a US-Saudi backed coalition, and a slow genocide in Gaza at the
hands of US-Israel backed military occupiers, yet the media loves to
talk about Syria and ignore the other tragedies, why? The US is also
engaged in an aggressive military offensive in Mosul that has targeted
civilians, yet the media isn't saying much about that.

The media,
Human Rights Watch and others are citing al-Nusra Front rebels, who are
Syria's Al-Qaeda, as "opposition" who are blaming the Syrian government
for today's crime. They are also citing the White Helmets, who we known
as founded and funded by a British PR firm that specializes in war
propaganda and receive millions of dollars from USAID funding each year.
In addition, the majority of the White Helmets are embedded with
Al-Qaeda. So here is the kicker: The Washington Post, the Telegraph and
other major media have been reporting for months that Al-Qaeda has
occupied Idlib after the Syrian army drove them out of East Aleppo and
liberated the city. So why is the media now calling Al-Qaeda in Idlib
Syrian "opposition" and using their words as God sent?

It should
also be noted that from 2013 in Ghoutha, each chemical weapons attack in
Syria has taken place in majority Al-Qaeda held areas, with the media
simultaneously reporting on how Al-Qaeda has the full capabilities of
creating chemical weapons and reporting on how Al-Qaeda is using
chemical weapons on civilians. In 2013, days after the Ghoutha chemical
weapons attack while UN observers were on the ground monitoring the
Syrian army, the Obama admin announced that it must have been Assad who
carried out the chemical weapons attack even though Obama himself
admitted they didn't have any evidence and that Assad must go. This was
the Obama admin promoting a US invasion that would save the Syrian
people with bombs (like that worked so well for Iraq and Libya).
Today, the Trump admin is saying the same thing.

I don't know who is behind the chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykun,
Syria , but it's important that we question the official narrative
pushed out by the lapdog media and put pieces of this puzzle together
when we know there has been an aggressive policy to destabilize Syria
through sectarianism and empowering al-Qaeda for over 25 years by NATO
states and the CIA. Trump is just taking this war to the next level, and
the public is eating up all the war propaganda like cake with no
hesitation in supporting the next war.

As always, I encourage
everyone to read behind the headlines, question official narratives and
look at any conflict like the one in Syria as being a tool for the
military industrial complex.

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 Members of al Qaeda's Nusra Front fire their weapon during an offensive to take control of the northwestern city of Ariha