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Installing Maidan in Warsaw? | New Eastern Outlook

Installing Maidan in Warsaw? | New Eastern Outlook

Author: Konrad Stachnio

Installing Maidan in Warsaw?

Anyone observing current events taking place in
Poland could have the impression that we are dealing with an almost
unprecedented violation of human rights and the introduction of a
totalitarian regime by the newly chosen government, led by the Law and
Justice party (PiS) who, against substantial populist resistance, have
decided to introduce something akin to Victor Orban’s policies. The
sense of Poland sinking into totalitarianism can also be seen in the
propaganda deliberately introduced into public circulation by media
channels such as
In addition, part of the so-called opposition, removed from power in
recent democratic elections, is calling for the initiation of
Maidan-style protests in Warsaw and trying to challenge the
democratically elected government.
The whole
thing could, of course, be received with an ironic smile – on the face
of it, it is looking like the ousted political, business and media
establishment are getting out of their luxury cars and going into the
streets to call for a repeat of Maidan. Doing this, of course, under the
alleged banner of ‘restoring democracy’, can be read as an attempt to
bring themselves back into power. These calls for the creation of Maidan
in Poland and EU intervention in order to ‘restore democracy’ are sown
on very fertile ground when it comes to the EU and Germany. To get a
better picture of all of the above subjects, I spoke with
award-winning investigative journalist and former head of TVP, Witold Gadowski.
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