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Liquid Freedom Reaches Europe – Citizens Beware! | New Eastern Outlook

Liquid Freedom Reaches Europe – Citizens Beware! | New Eastern Outlook

 Author: Phil Butler

Liquid Freedom Reaches Europe – Citizens Beware!
The other day a lone tanker ship carrying a cargo
of US shale oil dropped anchor in the French port of Fos. Laden with
oil destined for refining by a company called Vitol Group at a facility
in Switzerland, the fruit of US President Barack Obama’s Russia gambit
now trickles into Europe’s conscience. If not for a few news and
investment articles mentioning a company called Enterprise Products
Partners, then the greater significance of a world energy war waged
would escape the world. What you are about to read is a damning expose
of the most bloodthirsty killers since the Nazi holocaust. By the time
you’re done reading, this writer hopes you’ll be hunting a tall tree and
a rope.

Liquid Freedom – Bloody Crude

Dubbed “Liquid American Freedom” by
American lawmakers, the tanker cargo was the first crude oil delivery to
Europe in 40 years. The first such shipment since then President Gerald
Ford banned exports, it arrived as a result of President Barack Obama’s
December decision to sign a bill ending the export ban. The
significance of the shipment, while apparently an economic decision by a
US congress and executive branch, is in reality the end result of a
global corporate strategy involving governments, dictators, huge banking
interests, and the military industrial complex vital to the investment
endgame. As millions leave their homes, and hundreds of thousands bury
their dead because of business-induced conflict, the leaders of the
so-called “free world” bid to rape the last of Earth’s resources, and
simply for profit. Most people already suspect what I am suggesting
here, but what you may not be aware of, are the brands, billionaires,
and disasters that will arrive on your shores before it’s all over.

The Vitol company mentioned in these
sparse stories, it is the largest independent oil trader in the world.
This shipment of crude also shines a spotlight on a key partner in all
this, the notoriously low-profile Carlyle Group in this American bid (IBT)
to further marginalize Russia and other competitors. Before
characterizing these players though, it’s also important to galvanize
the significance environmentally, crisis wise, and strategically for the
reader. This tanker, and the Seaqueen which docked in Amsterdam last
week, were filled with shale oil fracked from depleted wells in Texas
and shale deposits in North Dakota, bay ConocoPhillips. The shipments,
which Financial Times and others called a “trickle” as far as overall
flows of energy to Europe is concerned, reveal the real strategy
unfolding in foreign policy and west-vs-east tensions the last few
First appeared: http://journal-neo.org/2016/01/29/liquid-freedom-reaches-europe-citizens-beware/