domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

New World Disorder - Disintegration Stage Commences - TruePublica

New World Disorder - Disintegration Stage Commences - TruePublica


By Graham Vanbergen
– The mainstream media has a new in vogue phrase and you are sure to
have heard it by now – ‘the rules based international order (or
system)’. The Royal Institute of International Affairs based in London,
commonly known as Chatham House commented a several years ago that “Economic
and political upheavals are emboldening challengers to the rules-based
international system, and to the liberal Western values it embodies. To
stay relevant, the system must address three major flaws.”

  1. For a system based on rules to have effect, these rules must be visibly observed by their principal and most powerful advocates.

  2. A rules-based order must work to the advantage of the majority and not a minority.

  3. The longevity of the current international system may have led to
    the assumption that it was in some way the natural order of things,
    requiring only occasional repair and defence against particular

Given recent global events it is clear that the so-called rules based
order has systemically failed to address any of these flaws. The most
powerful advocates and the institutions that support this system have
made the most disastrous decisions culminating in an epic financial
crisis with austerity its ideological birth. The West flounders from one
crisis to the next, the majority disciplined for the malfeasance and
lawlessness of the few and the system is consuming itself from the
inside out – a neoliberal bowel cancer with no cure in sight.