viernes, 2 de junio de 2017

« Monsanto papers » : la guerre du géant des pesticides contre la science

« Monsanto papers » : la guerre du géant des pesticides contre la science


Dear friends of CEO, sorry for bombarding you with #glyphosate news but if you read French this is just too good.

Le Monde, France's reference newspaper, just published a fantastic
two-parts investigation into Monsanto's "war on science", its attempts
to destroy the "gold standard" in cancer assessment, the International
Agency for Research Against Cancer (IARC).

You certainly know the reason: this agency found that glyphosate probably causes cancer in humans, and this might cause a ban under EU legislation and triggered numerous lawsuits in the US.

For this, Monsanto is using all it can, from trolls to smear IARC
scientists' personal reputation, hired scientists to undermine IARC's
assessment, to lobbying the US, Canadian and Australian governments to
cut their funding to IARC. And many more revelations thanks to the
"Monsanto Papers".

To be remembered next time you hear a pesticide company defend "science-based" regulation...

Part 1 of Le Monde's investigation is there…/monsanto-operation-intoxication… - 

And part 2 is there…/monsanto-les-moissons-du-fiel_5…

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