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Brexit - Infighting, Summer Recess, Plotting, Breakdown then EURef2 - TruePublica

Brexit - Infighting, Summer Recess, Plotting, Breakdown then EURef2 - TruePublica


By Graham Vanbergen: The
Brexit saga is now becoming something of a soap opera. It is clear that
the infighting for top spot in the Tory camp has not settled weeks after
Theresa May’s disastrous election gamble. And not only is this
particular Game of Thrones arena brutal, it’s also pretty ugly and
extremely dangerous for UK plc too.

Ding-ding: Round One – infighting

Top former civil servants
have lined up to warn Theresa May that squabbling cabinet ministers
with unrealistic expectations and an overburdened administration risk
chaos in Brexit negotiations.

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond is now in the ring punching back at critics as infighting rivals attempt to sabotage his Brexit plans. Scotland’s Brexit minister has weighed in with the constitutional crisis that the Repeal Bill will bring and a whole host of reports emerge that Brexit chaos will bring food shortages,  drug supply problems, a shortage of one million chefs by 2029 and no-one will be overseeing Britain’s nuclear energy facilities.

Tim Shipman – Political Editor of the Sunday Times, tweeted (amongst
other things) that allies of David Davis are claiming that Philip May
wants his wife, Theresa to stand down. Friends of May say this is a
‘black ops’ campaign. Frankly, they should grow up. The immediate future
of 65 million people and the generations who will have to suffer this
historical debacle is at stake, not the political fortunes of
individuals, of whom none had the foresight to see that Brexit would
ever happen in the first place.

 Brexit - Infighting, Summer Recess, Plotting and then Breakdown