jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

Pentagon Study Declares American Empire Is ‘Collapsing’ - TruePublica

Pentagon Study Declares American Empire Is ‘Collapsing’ - TruePublica


By Nafeez Ahmed – Kind Permission of Insurge IntelligenceIn
the first of a series, we report on stunning new evidence that the U.S.
Department of Defense is waking up to the collapse of American primacy,
and the rapid unraveling of the international order created by U.S.
power after the Second World War. But the Pentagon’s emerging vision of
what comes next hardly inspires confidence. We breakdown both the
insights and cognitive flaws in this vision.


In future pieces we will ask the questions: What is really driving
the end of the American empire? And based on that more accurate
diagnosis of the problem, what is the real solution?

An extraordinary new Pentagon study has concluded that the
U.S.-backed international order established after World War 2 is
“fraying” and may even be “collapsing”, leading the United States to
lose its position of “primacy” in world affairs.

 Pentagon Study Declares American Empire Is ‘Collapsing’