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WikiLeaks - Vault 7: Projects

WikiLeaks - Vault 7: Projects


An alleged CIA #Hacking #Tool allowing SMS messages to be redirected is the latest covert spy device unveiled by WikiLeaks.
Named ‘#HighRise,’ the tool is the latest disclosed in a series of leaks named ‘Vault7,’ which WikiLeaks claims come from within the CIA.

Described in a statement from WikiLeaks as an #Android #application, ‘HighRise’ provides a redirector function for #SMS messaging.

WikiLeaks claims this can be used by the CIA to communicate between implants and listening posts.

The release includes one 12-page document, a user guide for ‘HighRise’
credited to the CIA’s Information Operations Center. It’s described in
the document as an Android application for mobile devices running
Android 4.0 to 4.4.

Highrise’s features are described as
including a communications channel between a field operator and a
listening post and the ability to authenticate secure internet

The application must be manually run once when
first installed. Following a reboot it will then run automatically,
according to the user guide. It appears as an app on the targeted device
with the name 'TideCheck'.

The password to install the app is
“inshallah” according to the docs, the Arabic language translation of
the expression “God Willing.”

WikiLeaks has been releasing leaks
from ‘Vault7’ since March, detailing hacking exploits it alleges came
from within the CIA. Last week it released ‘#BothanSpy,’ detailing the ability to steal passwords and spy on data sent over networks.

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